Medical Director Early Clinical Development

  • Medical Doctor and PhD at University of Copenhagen
  • License to practice independent medicine
  • Specialist in medical oncology and radiotherapy

16 years of Clinical experience, 6 years of basic research and 14 years of drug development.

Key areas of interest include

  • Early clinical development phase I trials
  • Proof of concept trials - randomized phase II trial
  • Development of strategic plans, target product profile, interactions with health authorities

Experience and publications

PhD at Rigshospitalet and Vanderbuilt University

Duration: 6 years

Research area:

The epidermal growth factor receptor system.

PhD conferred Dec 1993

Post-Doc at Vanderbilt University Medical School, Nashville, Tennessee, USA

Additional research

Duration: 31 months


Working full-time as a clinician and supervised 1 PhD study and ran several projects in collaboration with a technician.